Oceanography Scientific Paper writing assignment

Written assignment

In 2-3 typed pages (double-spaced, 12 point font maximum), write up these details on your reading of the selected News and Views article (from the list), the reference you chose from that article, and the current event. Include your name (no cover pages please) and UO ID.

1. Summarize the News and Views article. What topic does it cover broadly? Why is this topic important, and what new research is being discussed? Is it interdisciplinary? Was there an old paradigm that was changed? Please use your own words—plagiarism = cheating.

2. Identify one reference you chose to explore in more detail. How does it fit into the News and Views article you chose (i.e., why is it referenced?)? What journal was it printed in? Scientific articles use a lot of discipline-specific jargon. Be patient as you read it and look up words you don’t understand.

3. Summarize the main point(s) of the reference. You might also include answers to questions like: Was it observation based? Was computer modeling used? Did it have a hypothesis?

4. Identify one current event (news, movie, blog, etc.) and explain how it relates your topic.

5. Conclude with one paragraph on why you chose this topic and how it relates to Oceanogragphy.

6. Reference list (in some standard format like APA style) of the 3 items you discuss in this assignment (1 News and Views, 1 selected reference, 1 current event).

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