Oral History Interview and Analysis (3- 5 pages) Due 10/3

 Oral History Interview and Analysis (3- 5 pages) Due 10/3

  1. Interview  someone, preferably of Chinese descent, and preferably older than you are. 
  2. Keep the interview in 30 minutes or less and get as much details of the person’s life as you can.
  3. Write a description of the person and how/where you interviewed them.
  4. Write a summary of the main portions of the interview and include short quotes.
  5. Describe how the person’s experience fits into American history by including other major events that were happening at the same time as events in the person’s life.
  6. Describe your 3 or more takeaways from doing the interview.

Class : AA_S 0320-01 Chinese in the United States 

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