PJM cost management plan

Continue to complete cost management plan I have attached, use the template I’ve provided, for the details of this assignment are in the instructions, and the case for reference. Generally, I’ve done part1 of this assignment, need complete part2.

a.You will be creating a 3-5 page cost management plan related to the project that you selected.

b.As you proceed through the course (weeks 2 through 4) expand your project WBS deliverables and identify activities and your estimates for duration, resources and cost of the resources.

c.You should use MS Project as the tool to assist you in developing your schedule and cost estimates.

d.You will also be required to submit the MS Project Plan as supporting data for your Cost Management plan.

e.Complete Sections 1 through 1.4 of the Cost Management Plan.

f.Avoid the use of ‘I’ or ‘We’ instead use ‘Project Team or The plan is’.

g.Remember that the purpose of the plan is to provide guidelines to your team as well as inform management. The plan should describe the ‘what’ and the ‘how’.

Therefore, you need to provide a cost management plan(doxc.) and a MS project document(mmp.).Originality, similarity less than 10%, apa format.

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