Please do not include the questions in your response. You can number your responses. Your total response must be 500 words minimum.

1) In 150-250 words please summarize Lera Boroditsky’s TED Talk.

2) In your own opinion, what does Lera mean when she states, “Does the language we speak shape the way we think? What does this mean to you?

– Follow-up, how is this related to the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis?

3) How would you describe the way you use language and how does this affect your own perception of reality? (i.e., we all speak uniquely compared to others … how would you describe your own use of language and what impact has this had on the way you co-exist).

4) Chose 3 different languages other than english and provide 3 unique facts/interesting ideas related to each of these languages. (i.e., what makes this chosen language unique compared to other languages – you have a lot of options here).

In addition to posting your response to the discussion board please remember that you must also respond to at least 3 of your classmates (looking for 3 full sentences per response).

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