POLS- State and Local Government

POLS- State and Local Government

Substantive responses are expected with 300-500 words being the standard for responses.

I wish that you get in the habit of knowing where your facts come from and how you must integrate them into responses. In drafting your discussion questions, make sure you included a works cited or reference section beneath your discussion response, even if its only the textbook

Discussion board questions:

1-A state’s constitution tends to reflect the political culture of the state. Given this, how does a particular state’s constitution reflect the values and beliefs of its citizens

2-Should internet sales be subject to sales tax? Should states be granted the right to levy taxes on these sales, and, if so, how do you distinguish which states should be granted such rights? For example, should the state in which the consumer resides be able to impose a sales tax on the item, or should the state that is home to the company providing the product be able to impose a sales tax on the item

3-As the chapter points out, direct democracy often is used to deal with salient issues. Should citizens be allowed to pass legislation dealing with hot-button issues?

4-Given that parties now serve a selective and supplementary role in elections, what is the relationship between political parties and individual candidates? Does this vary according to whether an election is for an open seat? Are men or women more likely to be supported in open seat contests? Are there indications of bias in terms of where parties direct their attention and support?

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