POVERTY AND INEQUALITY – development studies

My paper was so descriptive and not that argumentative. So my professor told me to re-write it.
Attached herewith are the following:
My paper, criteria, school requirement.

Below is the requirement.

The final individual paper will be based on theoretical and conceptual insights from the lectures and working group sessions combined. It should be based on one of the following three themes:

Poverty and Inequality

Develop your own position on the theme and develop an argument throughout the paper to support it. The paper should focus on theoretical elements, exploring how certain conceptualisations help us understand the problems at hand better. The themes will have been discussed extensively and in relation to different issues and topics throughout the course. We recommend that you consider early on in the course what theme you will write on, so you can work with the appropriate literature more intensely throughout the course. The themes can be answered in a variety of ways, with respect to different levels of analyses, different conceptualizations, or with a focus on different institutional frameworks and forms of knowledge. Do not shy away from making links in the wide range of literature that have not been made before. It may be useful to review the learning objectives of the course to get some ideas of how you might want to develop your argument.

Two additional things should be kept in mind. The first is that by giving you the paper topics early, you can work on them at a good and steady pace. This will allow you to finish the paper on time and with sufficient time to reflect on your final version before submitting it. Secondly, the theoretical/conceptual focus of the paper will help you get a better understanding of how to engage with theory once you start working on this part of your thesis. You will need to know how to interpret and judge different concepts for the purpose of creating useful frames for understanding a problem and to carry out research in that frame. Hopefully, this serves as good practice before the thesis writing begins.

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