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Running Head: ENVIRONMENT CONSERVATION 1Drawbacksof Application of Solar Energy Technology to Conserve EnvironmentIbrahim Hussein Humber college 03/08/20Writ -220-DWC
SOLAR ENERGY & CLEAN ENVIRONMENT 2Drawbacks of Application of Solar Energy Technology to Conserve EnvironmentIntroductionFor centuries, the world had been relying on non-renewable sources of energy like oil, coal, and others. However, it became apparent that these sources have significant problems; first, they are getting depleted, and there is a need to find an alternative source of energy. Second, they are causing greenhouse effects that areassociated with global warming.The alternative sources of energy technology like hydroelectric, geothermal, solar, wind, biomass, and others have been developed to replace non-renewable sources. However, it is apparent that most types of alternative sources of energy have many disadvantages and cannot wholly be relied upon to replace non-renewable energy sources. The scope of the study is to identify the drawbacks of solar energytechnologyas it is still undergoing various development researches. Experimental researches are still continuously carried out to fix the problem, and scholars are also carrying out Meta-analysis studies(William, 2012).Background of the research studyCause of the problem: Theincreasing need for source energy,has led to people continuouslyexploiting fossil fuel in the environment. The use of fossil fuel has led to greenhouse effects; hence,global warming. Similarly, unplanned use of solar use is faced with insufficient amount of solar energy reaching the public which might be as a result of solar energy source fluctuation (Min et al., 2016).Technology developed: Thus, there are many alternative technological sources of energy designed to replace or reduce the use of fossil fuel. Examples of alternative forms include Hydro, geothermal, wind, solar power, and other applicable technological sources.Despite different sourcesof energy like the hydrobeing accessible and providing a largeamount of electric energy, research has currently shifted to the need to use solar energy sources(Min et al., 2018). Effects of the solar energy problem: solar energy is not a stable source of energy. Thus, people cannot continuously rely on them. Solar panels are not able to charge when there is no sun source at night or during adverse weather periods; hence, an alternative source of energy required.The solution to the solar energy problemThe first solution that is apparently in place is relying on other sources of energy. For instant, solar cars also use oil sources of energy. Homes relying on solar houses also use electric energy sources or fossil generator fuel backups.There are also batteries developed store energy for a short period while there is no source of solar energy(He et al., 2018).Bibliography summaryLuckow, P., Vitolo,T. and Daniel J.(2015). A solved problem: Existing measures to provide low –Wind and solar integrations synapse. Article summary: The article is a Meta-analysis report that gives a complete description of the two sources of renewable energy in the market; the solar origin and the wind source of renewable energyused in the market. The article discusses the shortcoming of these
SOLAR ENERGY & CLEAN ENVIRONMENT 3renewable sources of energy currently in the market. The article continuous to discuss some measures that are put in place to fix these problems. For an instant, some of the difficulties facing solar and wind sources of the energy sector are wind and solar sources of energy continuously fluctuate, thus leading to an unreliable source of energy. The author continues to provide a solution to the problems. The source of renewable energy integrations is discussed as the source of solution to the problem facing these sources of renewable energy. Lastly, the author discusses integrationsstudiesthat have been carried out about wind energy sources andsolar energy sources.Relevance to the research: The article summarizes two sources of renewable energies. The wind and the solar sources of renewable energies it gives the shortcoming of employing these sources of energy to provide energy power. The article is significant in the research proposal sincethe authors have discussed the problems that solar source of energy is facing in the market that concise with this proposed research study. Moreover, it also gives the solution to these problems that will all provide relevant data for the use in the proposal hence its significance in the project.Azarpour, A., Suhaimi, S., Zahedi, G., & Bahadori, A. (2013). A review on the drawbacks of renewable energy as a promising energy source of the future.Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering,38(2), 317-328.Summary of the article: A meta-analysis review article by Azorpour et al. discusses the significant drawbacks that are associated with renewable sources of energy. The author commences by arguing that the faith that people have currently developed on the renewable source of energy that will provide an ultimate solution to the decline fuel source is a misconception. The article continues to discuss all non-renewable sources of power in the market and the drawbacks that they have thus made them unreliable to humanity. The author discusses biomass source, geothermal and hydropower source, solar and wind energy disadvantages, from health, environmental, and technological perspectives. For an instant the major technical drawback of the cosmic source of energy is the photovoltaic cells that are employed in the collection of the solar radiations suffers from experience low efficiencies. Especially the condition increases with aging of the gadget, and there is the possibility of wastage of too much energy in the process.Relevance to the study:The articles discuss various technological, health, and environmental shortcomings of multiple sources of energy. It is relevant to the study as the study is all about the failures of the solar source of energy. Thus, it providesthe proper knowledge that is required in further enhancing the understanding of the study. Moreover,the study has elaborated on all the drawbacks of the solar source of energy. It provides information about this study, which is all about the shortcoming of solar energy. William c. (2012) Renewable energy technology. world energy assessment: energy and the challenge of sustainabilityArticle summary: A literature review paper discusses all renewable available on the market. It addresses their applications and the shortcoming they are experiencing as a source of energy. Moreover, the article discussesthe potential amount of energy that is contributed by each source of energy globally.
SOLAR ENERGY & CLEAN ENVIRONMENT 4Relevanceto the study:the article discussesthe contribution of the solar source of energy globally and the possible drawback that is associated with the employment of the solar source of energy. Moreover, it gives the amount of energy that is totally contributed by the solar source of energy globally. Thus,it will be relevant to this study, which aims at finding the drawbacks of the solar sources of energy. ReferenceMin, Ho & Wagh, Sumit & Kadier, Abudukeremu & Gondal, Irfan & Azim, Nur & Mishra, Mukesh. (2018). Renewable Energy Technologies.William c. (2012) Renewable energy technology. world energy assessment: energy and the challenge of sustainabilityAzarpour, A., Suhaimi, S., Zahedi, G., & Bahadori, A. (2013). A review on the drawbacks of renewable energy as a promising energy source of the future.Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering,38(2), 317-328.Luckow, P., Vitolo,T. and Daniel J. (2015). A solved problem: Existing measures to provide low –Wind and solar integrations synapse. He, Z. X., Xu, S. C., Li, Q. B., & Zhao, B. (2018). Factors that influence renewable energy technological innovation in china: A dynamic panel approach.Sustainability,10(1), 124.

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