Project Management

  1. Produce programmes for low complexity projects using appropriate manual techniques.
  2. Use project planning software to generate master programmes for simple construction or design projects.

Assignment Objective

-Apply the sets of skills and knowledge that was accumulated to demonstrate his/her ability in preparing a reasonable plan for a project

-Produce master programmes for low complexity projects by using MS project software and manual techniques.

Assignment Tasks

The following project case is exercise that can be solved individually. In the project, students will have hands-on experience in developing an integrated framework for the planning, scheduling, resource management, and project costs.


In the following project (Figure 1), a one story residential house is to be constructed. The objective is to prepare a realistic bid and prepare complete plan. Your resource bank involves crews, material, and subcontractor resources are given in the attached “ASSESSMENT 1-Data_SPRING 2020” Excel sheet. List of project activities, durations, logical relationships, and list of required resources are given in Table 1. On the other hand, crews’ data, materials data, and subcontractors’ data are given in Table2, Table3, and Table 4 respectively.

Note: Here should be “Figure 1” diagram, I’ve uploaded inside file named “Figure 1”.


The fundamental aim of this assignment is to allow students to apply the sets of skills and knowledge that was accumulated to demonstrate his ability in preparing a reasonable plan for a project through:

  1. Construct Gantt chart and Activity on Node networks manually and use Microsoft Project to construct both of them (after changing the default format) with detailed discussion.
  2. Present and discuss the scheduling output (e.g. project duration, critical path, critical tasks (change the format of the critical tasks), activities times (ES, EF, LS, LF) and floats (TF, FF). Also, increase the duration of two activities (e.g. activity # 6 and activity # 10) by 12 days and inspect what is the new project duration (with printing of Gantt chart).
  3. Evaluate the project duration in the following cases, by showing all required calculations:
  • The duration of activity 26 (Window Installation Activity) increased by 60%
  • The duration of activity 12 (Back Fill Activity) is doubled
  • The duration of activity 19, 20 and 21 is increased by 10 days
  • Apply a “Finish No Earlier Than” constraint with a constraint date of 30-August-2020 to task 11
  1. Discuss and draw the resources (crews/manpower, materials, and subcontractors) profiles (histogram) that are needed to accomplish the work (three histograms for each resource).
  2. Discuss and estimate project cost (according to given data), print the cash flow report (Visual Report) and draw the project cost curves.
  3. Suggest the procedure to reduce the duration of the project by 25% and use Microsoft Project to construct the Gantt chart after reducing project duration.
  4. As a project Manager, what options you have if your one of team members is having difficulty in estimating time that it may take to complete the work?
  5. If you were asked to manage several small projects at the same time, what are the most important factors that you should consider as you develop your plan and schedule?


 The project start date must be 7th June, 2020.

 Customize the project calendar as only Friday and Saturday are non-working days per week, and 8 working hours per day.

 Add holidays as follows:

-Oman National Day on 18th Nov.

-Labor Day on 1st May.

-Briefly write the procedures for each operation.

-Any missing data can be reasonably assumed.

Please keep in mind following facts while writing your report:

The report is often used to present, analyze and summarize your data.

You will find in the following some basic instructions on how to prepare the report.

Report Structure:

The Report should contain the following sections:





  1. Introduction

-Summarize the brief history and theory on that topic.

-Outline the case and focus on its significance (problem statement).

-Introduce the project

-How has the work been done?

-Give the general plan of the report.

  1. Discussion

-Assumption (calendars, system, etc.) and the constraints if any.

-The work breakdown structures.

-The required resources (materials, crews, subcontractors.) histograms.

-Project scheduling and cost analysis.

-The output of the Microsoft Project (Bar chart, Network view, etc.)

-Manual calculations


  1. Conclusions

-State briefly what are the major achievements of your work?

  1. References
  2. Appendix

-For any additional figures, tables, and photos

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