Proposal Revise

Have you sat down with a tutor for this? I’d like you to be sure to do some careful proofreading because there are a lot of mistakes and several lengthy paragraphs.

*I need you to double check all your grammar mistakes.

To develop the context of the report, you want to consider who you are and who you’re writing to. Who would want to know this information? Be sure to more clearly state your purpose for writing in the very beginning.

**I am the owner of the franchise

If you’re suggesting MacDonald’s in NYC, you’re going to need to get more specific with the neighborhood. The city is too big. In doing this, you’ll include some analytics on the demographics of the area. There is quite a bit more research to be done here.

*I checked the map, and I saw this area is not McDonald’s, and near airport

The last thing I want you to do here is add a section with instructions for how to start a MacDonald’s franchise. What we do now?

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