Read The Challenge of Cultural Relativism by James Rachels.

Respond to the topics below by writing an approximately 650-720 word, double spaced essay that will include all points relevant for each question. Your response will be graded for its content, clarity, and grammar. This essay must be your individual work.

Part 1: 

Read The Challenge of Cultural Relativism by James Rachels. In your own words, explain how the example of the Eskimos supports Rachels’ point that there is often less ethical disagreement between societies than there appears to be.

Part 2:

Read “Worlds” and “World” Travelling (9-12p.) from Maria Lugones’ article  (the link is below). What can be a “world” according to Lugones?

By using any of several Lugones’ options for a “world,” imagine and describe two worlds, one in which you are satisfied, and the other in which you are not satisfied. While doing so, think of all different aspects of your personality.

Part 3:

One can be at the same time in a “world” that constructs one as stereotypically latin, for example, and in a “world” that constructs one as latin. Being stereo-typically latin and being simply latin are different simultaneous constructions of persons that are part of different “worlds.”

Interpret the meaning of this quote. Think of yourself and explain how Lugones’ quote is applicable and relevant to you (replace stereotypically latin and latin with any adjective appropriate for you). Does this reflection affect your understanding of both yourself and others? If yes, explain how, and if not, explain why not.

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