Reading Response for Gergen Chapter 9

Summarize the main point of the reading in no more than 2-3 sentences. The reflection should be a paragraph….maybe two or more depending on how much you have to say. I think once we get into the material, you will probably have more to say than in these initial reading responses. Then pose two GOOD discussion questions…..

Reader Response:Including the following elements:

1. Title of reading, including author and chapter/page numbers.

2. What is the reading about? In one or two sentences (no more), what is the author’s main argument? Do not get into the detail.

3. What are your reflections on this issue? I expect critical analysis here, not a simple, “I like it” or “I don’t like it.” This should include insights, observations, and experiences that support the reading or, if you have a critique of the reading, insights, observations, and experiences that support your critique. Connect the reading to your own life, to current events, to contemporary culture, etc.

4. Two well formulated questions that arise from this reading. These should be questions that will spark class discussion. Please do not include questions of definition (i.e., do not include questions like, “I didn’t understand what xyz meant.”).

These are not attempts at writing exam or quiz questions. They are discussion questions.

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