Reading Response—The Black Arc of it

Reading Response€”The Black Arc of it

This is a piece from the book Ting Beautiful Things, which is composed of a letter from audience to Sugar, and Sugar gives a letter back to the audience.
Reading Response Instructions:
The most important thing: Do not be formal!!!! Write in a SENSORY and EMOTIONAL way ! Write lots of personal thoughts,feelings and experiences which relate to the topic. Just like writing a diary.
1. The 1st paragraph: Summarize the problem of the reader and suggestions from Sugar.
2. The 2nd paragraph: One thing you want to say( which connects with either the Sugar’s response or whatever the thing you want to say to the audience) Give a personal experience/connection to the point.
3. The 3rd paragraph: Another thing you want to say, anything you feel or think. Lots of personal thoughts.
4. The 4th paragraph: a conclusion(Don’t be formal. Just briefly summarize your points in the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs. Give some further developments.)
5. Give a title to the response( Do not use the name of the original piece.)

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