Reflection on a Patient’s journey from her perspective

Reflection on A narrative writing about a patient’s journey.

Aim: To gain insight into the patient’s journey from your patient’s perspective.

Interview the patient about their experience and explore the health care experience and hospitalisation from the patient’s perspective.

You may include the patient’s perceived effect on their family/whānau.

Using direct quotes and paraphrasing, provide a summary of the patient’s perspective regarding their altered health state and hospital experience. Include any psychosocial impact of the patients’ hospitalisation on themselves and their family/whanau.

Discuss what you have learnt from exploring your patient’s perception of their altered health state and hospitalisation.

Complete a reflection on the insights you have gained about the patient’s perception of their health state and hospital experience.

Summary of the patient’s perception (paraphrased with direct quotes as necessary) and insights of their health state, hospitalisation and experience.

Typed reflection using the reflection guide. Discuss what you have learned about the patient’s perception of their health status, hospital experience, and how this will influence your future practice.

Take time to allow the patient to express (in their own words) their own perception of their health status and how their altered health status has impacted on them and their family/whānau.

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