Reimbursement Methods 13

The US healthcare system has devised a number of methods to track the services provided by physicians and others in the care of individuals needing services. It is important to know and understand how these methods track care and turn that into revenue. Consider what you have learned this week and apply it to this assignment.


Briefly describe the major third-party payers who provide revenue to healthcare providers. Also describe provider incentives and risks under each of the following reimbursement methods:

  1. Cost based
  2. Charge based
  3. Per procedure
  4. Per diagnosis
  5. Per diem
  6. Bundled payment
  7. Capitation

Submission Details:

  • Present your analysis as a 2-page report in a Microsoft Word document formatted in APA style.
  • On a separate page, cite all sources using APA format.


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