“Religion of the Lost Cause”

“Religion of the Lost Cause”

Discipline: Religion

Type of service: Essay

Spacing: Double spacing

Paper format: MLA

Number of pages: 3 pages

Number of sources: 2 sources

Paper details:

  1. Review of primary source and panel conversation (20%). Each student will complete a three- to four-page (not including bibliography) review of a Wilson’s “Religion of the lost cause” (see attached source. and participate in a panel conversation with the professor and other reviewers in the front of the class. The overall goals include assessment of your ability to analyze and review a primary source (using all of your exegetical skills on your document just like you do on biblical documents—this is just like an exegesis paper), to articulate your findings to your peers, and to handle questions on the reviewed materials. This assignment aims at the top three levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy (Analyzing, Evaluating, and Creating).

Grading Rubric

Evaluation CriteriaComments
2. Written: Content:____ Identifies author, audience, structure and content of the work, historical and theological context, and arguments(s) or thesis of the reading(s)____ Good use of evidence (quotes and/or cites primary and secondary sources) to support claims and advance argument____ Good logic/reasoning* applied throughout____ Evaluates concepts well____ Synthesizes/connects ideas**____ Respectful/charitable summary of views in sources____ Complete Bibliography in MLA____ Correct citation throughout (MLA)*therefore, because, consequently, etc.**whereas, in contrast, however 
3. Composition, Grammar, Formatting:___Good flow, transitions, organization, developed paragraphs___Sentence structure (fragment, comma splice, run-on)___Correct punctuation (comma, semicolon, colon, dash)___Correct grammar throughout___Good word choices___Tense consistency___Number consistency (sing. & plural)___Active voice (vs. passive)___Formatting (12-point, Times New Roman, double space, 1” margins)___Gender-inclusive language (person, human)___ “you”___Capitalization (proper nouns)___Spelling 
4. Length, Sources, Submissions:___Observes page requirements (3-4 pages, not including bibliography)___Bibliography contains all sources in proper MLA format:_____ 1 peer-reviewed journal article or monograph_____ The primary source 

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