Research paper Introduction Section

Please refer to the following resources: Writing Introduction Screen cast Your Introduction must include the information outlined below. Refer to the screen cast for more detailed guidelines on what to include. • Lead in paragraph. Include 4 parts: o Title, Attention Grabber, Justification, and Purpose Statement • Body: o Use your key article and your chosen article. o Synthesize (compare/contrast) your key article and your chosen article.  At least one paragraph. o Summarize your key article.  At least one paragraph. o Note: you decide whether to summarize or synthesize first. • The Present Study. Include: o Focus of previous research, next logical steps, your plan, the hypothesis In addition to the guidelines mentioned in the document and screen cast above, also include the following: 1. APA style title page 2. APA style formatting and pagination 3. in text citations and 4. reference section. Your paper will pass through Turn It In, so be sure your work is your own.

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