Research Proposal with Brooke Notes

Assignment Description

Your first project is a combo of Brooke Notes (Links to an external site.) with a Research Proposal. Brooke Notes guide you through systematic annotation of a source and we will talk about what, exactly, Brooke Notes are in the coming days. The proposal you will write encompasses the Brooke Notes, while also sketching out a probable shape for the work you will do in Project Two. That is, the proposal makes sense of some of what you’ve been reading and annotating, and it also says, in effect, “here’s what I will do next” and “here’s why.”

Remember as you begin to develop the proposal what the overarching theme for your research cluster is. Within your cluster, you and your group will be deciding on sub-themes, or topics, to individually pursue. We will during individual conferences with your research cluster discuss adjustments to these sub-topics early in the semester. One advantage of choosing sub-themes for your individual projects as it pertains to you cluster is that you can, if you wish, include Brooke Notes from others in your own proposal, since there will probably be overlap.

The proposal will be at least ~800 words, not including Brooke Notes. It will be structured as follows:

Opening Section
General introduction to your research cluster and to your sub-topic.

Account for your take; what’s your interest in or curiosity as relates to this, generally.

How are specific readings informing your questions?

Here are a couple of setup lines to help you think about how the opening section might work:

In the context of [your topic], broadly, and the topic of ____________, more specifically, I have been reading__________________________. [This will introduce the sources you have read so far and bring to light the details you find important, interesting, and relevant in relationship to your topic and emerging research question(s).]

Brooke Notes (2+; at least two Brooke Notes should be your own)
Methods Plan and Emerging Question(s)
In the final section of the proposal, you will lay out a plan for what you will do for Project Two. Include a discussion of the method or methods you will use. Your choices are (as will be emphasized again very soon via a handout in class) memory work, word work, site work, interview, and data work. Next, list at least two emerging questions, stated as questions. Finally, discuss the audiences you think will benefit from this work, and acknowledge any challenges you forsee as you get the project underway.

I am interested in learning more about this topic by reading _____________________ [go on to discuss what you will read and why]. I have also chosen _____________ as the research method to go along with source work. [go on to discuss what you will do and why]

It may be useful to you to think of the proposal as a document where you invent ideas for your research project.

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