Right to Strike

Right to Strike

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Answers must be submitted in Microsoft Word format, and I strongly suggest using Times New Roman 12 point font in crafting your answers. Your grade for this assignment will be based on how well you are able to integrate the course lessons into your responses to these essay questions, as well as your ability to support your arguments with relevant materials that we have studied in the text.

You are also free to do outside research, but this is neither expected nor required. In short, the goal of this final examination is to gauge how well you are able to synthesize the course materials.

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In the 20th Century, the right to strike has been arguably the most effective tool that Unions have when they are engaged in collective bargaining negotiations. But as the new century begins, some believe that a strike not only affects employers and their economic well-being, but even more so, affects the public and the economy of a community or state. They believe that the employers and the Unions should submit to compulsory arbitration to resolve contract disputes. Some believe that the right to strike remains an even more important tool and is the only way that workers can have a say about determining their future. With that in mind, answer the following questions:

Do you believe that workers should continue to have the right to strike? Why or why not?

Should contract disputes be resolved through an arbitration process which requires the parties to be bound by the decisions of a third party? Why or why not?

Compare the pros and cons of NOT changing the current state of labor and management relations

Should public policy dictate that some workers never be allowed to strike? Why or why not?

How should such decisions be made? By voters? By elected representatives? Through administrative agencies?

Does a vigorous global economy make the right to strike less important or more important? Why or why not?

Each of your answers must be supported with vigorous argumentation, and when you use the text (or any other materials) to support your argument, you are expected to cite to that authority.

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