Roe v. Wade & Miranda v. Arizona

A) Set the scene, regarding Roe v Wade: Who are Norma McCorvey, Henry Wade, etc. What was the law in Texas? (this doesn’t need to be big)

B) How did the nine men of the SCOTUS rule? Explain the roles of
“right to privacy” & trimesters in the controversial landmark ‘73 ruling.

C) What major legal changes have happened in the last 47 years to modify the dramatic Roe ruling? (include at least: Casey in ‘92 [505 U.S. 833] & Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt in 2016)

D) There is much speculation that the current SCOTUS may overturn Roe. Why? Look up 4 or 5 major polls from the last 2 or 3 years, and summarize: How do Americans currently feel about overturning Roe?

E) Set the scene, regarding Miranda v. Arizona [384 U.S. 436] (Again, this doesn’t need to be big) Is Ernesto Miranda a good example of why the Miranda warning is important?

F) Like Gideon v. Wainwright [372 U.S. 335] in 1963, Miranda is not entirely “new,” but instead revises how the Bill of Rights / Constitution is interpreted. Research & explain.

G) Explain, concisely and originally what “the exclusionary rule” has to do with Miranda

H) Going forward: How do Missouri v. Seibert, [542 U.S. 600] (2004)
and Berghuis v Thomkins [560 U.S. 370] (2010) relate to Miranda?

– For sources, it doesn’t specifically need to be that amount, it’s however much sources you actually use.
-Also, my teacher is very extra, he has his own way of paper format, I put not applicable but if you could just number the sources and line it up with the sentence that you want to cite would be great, and I’ll do the rest.
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