ASSIGNMENT HELP | Select a film from the list provided on “Native American Heritage Month: 7 Films to Illuminate Diverse Experiences”

You may earn up to 10 extra credit points per event film watched by answering all parts of the prompt. You may watch up to 2 films from the list for extra credit (earn up to 20 points extra credit total.)

To receive extra credit for watching the film you must meet all of the following requirements:

1) Watch the entire film,

2) Take a “selfie” clearly showing you watched/listened to the movie,

3) Write one 300 word (minimum) blog post describing film in detail and discussing what you learned from the film. Then analyze how the film connects to a specific example in history from our course materials, and how it connects to at least one of our key terms from the semester. 

4) Attach your selfie at the end of your blog post. 

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