Should the Developed world be responsible for human rights protection in the d

2,500 word literature review on the above topic title. Please refer to attached marking criteria to ensure written to meet the guidelines.

Notes from tutor:
1. Do a literature search to develop your perception of the debate.
2. Outline the debate. This means demonstrating the various different perspectives that academics have taken when seeking to analyse this question.
3. Identify three key authors whose work is frequently cited in articles that address the debate.
4. Briefly summarise the contributions these key authors are making to the debate. Make sure to paraphrase (putting others’ words/ideas into your own words), rather than use direct quotations, as it will save you words, which you will need for the analysis.
5. Critically analyse the question in light of the authors’ views. Weigh each other against each other. What contributions do they make to the debate, what impediments do they present/reflect?
6. Provide a short comment on where you position yourself in relation to the general debate and the key authors.
7. Remember, the essay is an assessment of your literature review skills. It is not about answering the question, it is about being able to show that you know what the different aspects of the debate are about and then being able to position-specific authors’ positions within the debate.

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