SOCIOLINGUISTICS (gender, dialectal variation and language change)

SOCIOLINGUISTICS (gender, dialectal variation and language change)

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Write a paper using the two books and any other credible sources needed do research and write about a MYTH about the topic: gender, dialectal variation and language change. You have a lot of freedom in this paper but make sure to look at the grading rubric attached below, the book links (you dont have to reference or quote the entire book but just what is important and makes sense for the paper. Add as many quotes or references as needed. -Make sure to talk about what people think, what the research says and are the people wrong or right BOOK LINKS:,+M.+(2018).+Introducing+sociolinguistics+.+Routledge&ots=j-6x1Xnwoi&sig=wm_nKWEIwN3XDDB7nD-Iqf2xJwc#v=onepage&q=Meyerhoff%2C%20M.%20(2018).%20Introducing%20sociolinguistics%20.%20Routledge&f=false,+J.,+%26+Wilson,+N.+(2013).+An+Introduction+to+Sociolinguistics+(4th+Edi)&ots=nNBb8Ow1Dm&sig=GcOxKEb80xkiB-qeSEMbOyMeDHQ#v=onepage&q=Holmes%2C%20J.%2C%20%26%20Wilson%2C%20N.%20(2013).%20An%20Introduction%20to%20Sociolinguistics%20(4th%20Edi)&f=false

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