State the definition of a specific class concept.

State the definition of a specific class concept. “According to uncertainty reduction theory, please use several strategies …” “Warranting refers to how…” “Uncanny valley refers to…” Be concise. Just add enough detail for viewers to understand that you understand the concept.

– Provide an everyday life example of the concept you defined. “I once used ______ strategy when…” “One example of warranting was when I…” “I had an uncanny situation when I was…”

– Ask a friend or family member if you do not have personal examples.

– State whether your example confirms or disconfirms the concept you selected and defined. Explain exactly how. This is important; make sure your rationale demonstrates that you understand the concept and can apply it to real life behaviors.

– If your example does not fit or was meant as a counterexample, then explain why you think your observation does not fit well with the selected concept. Explain how and make sure to show you understand the selected concept.

Claim:comparable assignment would be a three page paper on the same prompt. The format should be APA, that is
double spaced, size 12 font Times New Roman, 1 inch margins, and a title
centered as the first line of the text. Put your name in the page header
since I won’t ask for a title page and the body of the paper should be
reserved for text.

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