STP Analysis and Application (Marketing)

STP Analysis and Application (Marketing)


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Below is the details of the essay requirements as released by the university, please note that this is UK university
I also attached example of an A level as presented by the tutor, according to the tutor the most important part is the application of STP, meaning the examples we will provide from the different industries, please see below also guidelines shared by the tutor to follow
“By reference to academic literature, explore, evaluate, and critique, the concept of Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning (STP). Use appropriate examples (plural) from different industries (plural) to exemplify how organisations (plural) have applied STP, to demonstrate your learning and application of this topic.
Indicate how any company could apply the concepts around STP, making generic recommendations.
You are required to produce an essay that demonstrates your understanding of this key aspect of strategic marketing.
The essay should have:
• a sound theoretical and conceptual perspective, containing evidence of critical debate with reference to appropriate academic literature
• sound examination of STP and its application in industry showing an effective practical foundation,
• generic management recommendations”

Guidelines from tutor:
Be careful in application. Make sure S and T and P stand out and are clearly demonstrated. Do not hide it, make it obvious.
Inyour critique separate S-T-P and give them equal weighting. In application best NOT separate STP, treat it as a seamless whole.
You may not be able to demo all three (STP) in each product, but certainly T & P.
Whilst you may address S-T-P separately in the critique it may not be best to do it that way in application.
Be careful with the products you choose, eg McDonalds is difficult, Coca Cola very difficult – cannot say a lot about this. There are so many more products that demo STP neatly.
Why is it difficult to analyse at MBA level STP for Apple, Samsung, Coca Cola, Starbucks? Think…..Advice do not use global mega brands
STP is about customers – and supply of products to meet specific customer groups. So its about customers, products not corporations. It is not easy/possible to demo STP at a company level, except in a general sense eg Patek Phillipe.
You MUST have refs to support your application. You cannot just say something about a product and not support it with a reference (website, copy of advert, photo etc)
Be VERY careful about using evidence from Hitesh Bhasin ( or John Dudovskiy (Research Methodology)…… both are dubious blogs.
Read the brief. Make sure you have the required products/industries.
Look at the grading grid…. About 60% of the marks are associated with application…. Make sure your submission reflects that.
Be careful with your ‘positioning’ piece. Many are just using a perceptual map. Whilst this is useful it does not demo what the Co is trying to do. The company is trying to create a ‘position’ for its brand in people’s minds…. what is that position? the map gives the perception in the mind….. is there a match? mismatch. The perceptual map you present is not necessarily helpful as it looks at price and quality or price and speed or

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