Subject: Emerging Technologies

Textbook: MSTM-5023-M2A Emerging Technologies

Two Separate Assessments. Each 300+ words with Reference

Discussion 1

Chapter 9 Exercise.

There continues to be a disparity between the advertising dollars spent on reaching TV viewers and Internet users versus the amount of time that is spent interacting with each medium. A large degree of Google’s success is attributable to taking advantage of this large gap. Research to determine (a) TV advertising dollars and Internet advertising dollars spent, and (b) the amount of time spent watching TV versus using the Internet. How has Google taken advantage of this disparity? What other major societal trends are forecasted that will continue to shift advertising dollars to new media, and why?

Your response should be at least 300 words, single-spaced. Provide references in APA format if necessary. The title page is not needed.

Discussion 2 

Chapter 15. Exercise:

An acquirer looks for a company with a good profit margin, a proven history, and a fair price. Choose an industry of interest and list five criteria for selecting candidates for acquisition.

Research and response to the above question in no less than 300 words, single spaced. Provide references in APA format. A title page is not needed.

Two Separate Assisments. Each 300+ words with Reference

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