System survey/review

  1. Choose 1 organ system from a textbook of Anatomy– could be any system in the book.
  2. It might be great to include your favorite system or something that you have a personal interest in.
  3. This “packet” should be brief. Think of it like “Cliff notes” for that system. Can be in paragraph form.
    To create your packet:
    1: Name of system
    2: List of Functions
  4. List of Definitions needed to understand this system
    4: Provide a list of main structures. You don’t have to include an elaborate drawing
  5. Unique cells & their functions (brief!)
  6. Blood flow or main blood vessels.
  7. Which Cavity and Body Region is this located? ( if this is relevant)
  8. Which special process(es) occur here?
  9. Give a personal paragraph or two about why this system is your favorite. Is it related to your career
    objective? If so, what would that be? (studying to be an RN)
  10. Development – describe how this system develops before birth and how does it change as we age?
  11. Many years from now– ie 100 years from now, how do you think that this system may change? Think about
    the effects of climate change or the effects of how our society has changed. This section is hypothetical.
    Describe the change(s) and why do you think so?

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