Take the midterm.

Take the midterm.  You will have between Oct. 12th and Oct. 17th to complete it. You will see the link on the left side of our eCampus page above the “Start Here” link.  Once you begin, you will have 70 minutes to complete it.  You won’t be able to start and stop then come back later to complete it.  The midterm is a timed essay; once you begin you will see three topic options. Choose one and write an organized essay with a short intro and conclusion and multiple body paragraphs. Once the time is up, whatever you have typed into the essay will automatically be submitted.  The test will look similar to your journal entries; there will be a box under your topic options where you will type the essay. 

Under Class Content there is a document called “Practice Midterm Topic” that I think you will find helpful.  It explains how to use your time and prepare once the test begins and before you start typing your essay. Please let me know if you have any questions. 


  1. Log into eCampus using Google or Firefox 
  2. Open the “Midterm” button on the top left side of eCampus.
  3. Click on “Midterm.” 
  4. Read the instructions carefully.  
  5. Click “Begin.” 
  6. Scroll down to see your three options and the textbox where you will write your test. Answer ONE of the three options.
  7. You may write in a Microsoft Word document and then copy and paste into the textbox using the keyboard shortcuts: CTRL A (SELECT ALL), CTRL C (COPY THE TEXT), THEN, IN THE TEST, CTRL V (PASTE INTO THE TEST).
  8. Click “Save and Submit” when you are done. You will have until your time runs out to complete the test, which is 70 minutes.  

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