Textbook: Part Two, chapters 4-8 pp. 75-213

Please write two discussion questions for EACH chapter in Part Two of Takaki’s A Different Mirror.  I am not looking for factual questions but rather open-ended analytical questions that ask about Takaki’s larger themes and arguments–the kind you would get on a midterm or final exam. WHY is better than WHAT.   Really think about what his argument for each chapter is as you come up with the question(s) for that chapter. In fact, I hope to use some of your questions for that purpose (maybe somewhat modified). 

For more information and examples see  the instructions  on Part 1 of this assignment as well as my FEEDBACK to you on assignment 1. 

Each question is worth 5 points but you MUST have two per chapter or they will only get half credit for the missing chapters. 


  • 5 points: excellent question, I might use this for your exams 🙂
  • 4.5: very good
  • 4: good–make sure you are asking analytical questions about Takaki’s argument
  • 3.5: this is closer to fact than analysis
  • 3: factual question
  • 2.5: this is b.s. or worse

You will not be able to see your fellow students’ questions until you post yours. 

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