The discussion assignment provides a forum for debating topics that may not have one clear answer.

Before beginning work on this week’s discussion post, review the following resources:

From the assigned readings, select one topic for which you will lead the discussion in the forum this week.

Early in the week, reserve your selected topic by posting your response (reservation post) to the Discussion Area, identifying your topic in the subject line.

By the due date assigned, research your topic and start a scholarly conversation as you respond with your initial or primary post to your own reservation post.

Analyzing the environment and structure of an organization

The topics this week are:

  • Where is power evident in organizations?

Be very specific with the topic you choose (more than just a description of):

  • What are the phenomena or managerial problems the theory (theories of organizational structure, communication, and power) seeks to address or explain?
  • What is the intellectual foundation of the theory in question, and what are its assumptions and philosophy of science?
  • What are the key concepts and theoretical propositions (if relevant) in the theory?
  • What does the theory propose as the task of the manager? What are the managerial implications of the theory?
  • What are the main problems or challenges with the theory?

As the beginning of a scholarly conversation, your initial post should be:

  • Succinct—Be no more than 500 words.
  • Provocative—Use concepts and combinations of concepts from the readings to propose relationships, causes, and/or consequences that inspire others to engage (inquire and learn). In other words, take a scholarly stand.
  • Supported—Scholarly conversations are more than opinions. Ideas, statements, and conclusions are supported by clear research and citations from course materials as well as other credible, peer-reviewed resources.

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