The U.S. And the Vietnam War

The U.S. And the Vietnam War

Discipline: – American History

Type of service: Research Paper

Spacing: Double spacing

Paper format: Chicago / Turabian

Number of pages: 10 pages

Number of sources: 4 sources

Paper details:

Topic: Analyze and compare the political and military goals that the Vietnam War policies of President Johnson and President Nixon sought to achieve and to what extent those goals were met.

Instructions: You are required to write a Research Paper, which must include at least four primary sources and as many secondary sources as needed. It is due by 11:59 p.m. CT Sunday day of Week 7. It must be submitted to the Dropbox in a Word document that contains a minimum of ten full pages of text, has one-inch margins, uses 12 point font, and is double-spaced (do not use WordPerfect). A separate bibliography is required and is not part of the ten pages of text. The Chicago Style is required for footnotes or endnotes. Research papers must contain original thought, interpretation, and analysis

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