The Value of Advertising

QUOTES/Resources from my upload files!!!!!
QUOTES/Resources from my upload files!!!!!
QUOTES/Resources from my upload files!!!!!
Thank you!
Here is the Requirement:
Topic: The Value of Advertising. Required length: Approximately 750 words

Background: In many cases, the people in our lives have been replaced by media and entertainment that are paid for by advertisers and saturated with advertising.

Main Task: Drawing on readings and class discussion, write an argument-synthesis essay addressing the value of advertising. Depending on the position you have developed, your argument will accomplish one of two goals:
• Persuasively argues that advertising in general, or a particular type of advertising, has damaging effects on communities, individuals, or society.
• Persuasively argues that advertising in general, or a particular type of advertising, has beneficial effects on communities, individuals, or society.

Demonstrate your synthesis and argumentation skills. You are drawing connections among a variety of sources in order to persuasively argue your own position. Bring all of the skills and strategies you developed in the previous unit to this exam. You will be demonstrating your development by writing an argument synthesis more independently and with slightly less guidance than before.

Incorporate at least TWO texts. Incorporate quotations or paraphrases from one of the arguments you will be assigned to read this week. One is critical of advertising; the other describes its virtues. The required texts are as follows:
1) “We’re Building a Dystopia Just to Make People Click on Ads,” Zeynep Tufekci OR “Unappreciated Benefits of Advertising,” Adam Thierer. (Choose one of these assigned arguments.) 2) A source of your choosing. See the document “Midterm: Options for a Second Source” to find and select your second source.


Use MLA style in-text citations. At the end of your essay, if your second source is one you’ve found on your own, write the author, title, and publication of your second source only. Here is an example:
• Hochschild, Arlie. “The Outsourced Life.” The New York Times. Online.

Goals (How Your Essay Will be Evaluated):
1) Demonstrate a thorough understanding of at least two published texts.
2) Synthesize the ideas of published authors with your own in order to create and support an arguable thesis.
3) Create a thesis statement that provides a clear, compelling argument and previews the support for that argument.
4) Substantiate your thesis using analysis, supporting evidence, and logical organization.
5) Achieve a unified and focused statement with your essay—everything in the essay should work together to support your central claim.
6) Incorporate an introduction that engages the reader and prepares the reader for the thesis.
7) Incorporate well-developed supporting paragraphs using the P.I.E. strategy.
8) Incorporate a conclusion paragraph that explores the significance of your argument synthesis. 9) Engage and refute a position that opposes your own.
10) Write clear and correct sentences while using diction and tone appropriate for the academic community.
11) Integrate quotations and paraphrases with rhetorical effectiveness.
12) Be original, creative, and thoughtful, demonstrating critical reading and thinking skills.

Writing Guide
Paragraphing: P.I.E paragraphing will be an especially helpful strategy. Start each paragraph by clearly stating the paragraph’s main point. Then introduce information/evidence in support of that point. Finally, analyze the evidence in order to show how it proves your point.

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