Topic: Affordability of Higher Education

Assignment Instructions

Topic: Affordability of Higher Education

Submit a fully developed prospectus, the prospectus must be at least 14 pages (only the Introduction and Procedures sections and not including references). The submission must include at least 20 sources/citations, which are also properly listed on a reference page at the end of the submission (total of 20 sources), using proper APA format. Follow the example provided for headings and sub-headings.

A. The Introduction section, must include a separate title page, an overview of the Introduction section, and sub-sections; organizational profile, introduction to the problem, significance of the problem, purpose statement, central research question, and definitions.

B. The Procedures section, must include an overview, interview procedures, and interview questions. A minimum of 10 questions are required and each must be grounded in the topic literature. Also, the Procedures Approaches Two and Three of the prospectus. The focus group requires a minimum of 10 questions. A survey requires a minimum of 3 demographic questions and 10 survey questions of similar type.

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