Topic Selection and Reference Page

This semester, you will research an area of criminal justice policy that is of interest to you from the list provided on Canvas in the “Week 2” Module. After making a selection, you will search for 10 peer-reviewed articles that correspond to the topic you have chosen. Keep in mind that since each assignment builds on the previous one, once you select a topic you will not be able to change it, so please select carefully. Peer-reviewed articles refer to articles that are written by academics and are found in scholarly journals. These articles must be retrieved from the FIU Libraries website or from Google Scholar.

The grade for this assignment will be based on the selection and quality of the articles chosen, and the proper formatting of the references.

You will need to submit a properly formatted Reference Page with the 10 peer-reviewed articles selected and a “Running head” that clearly articulates the topic that you have chosen.

Please select ONE of the following topics for your Capstone Paper:

1. Mandatory Arrest Policies (Keep in mind how this might lead to mass incarceration)
2. War on Drug Policies (e.g. Disparities in sentencing between crack and powder cocaine)
3. Prison Reentry and Rehabilitation
4. Three Strikes Laws
5. Immigration Laws (e.g. Patriot Act)
6. Hot Spot Policing
7. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and DUI laws
8. Black Lives Matter and the contemporary implementation of Body Worn Cameras (BWC)
9. All of Us or None and the Fair Chance – Ban the Box policy
10. Civil rights groups and the fight against the School-to-prison Pipeline

Note: You may focus on a more in-depth aspect of any of the following topics. If you have any other ideas or are unsure if you are on the correct path, please feel free to email me.

attached is a screenshot of an example from my professor of how to do it.

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