Imagine that you have a Family Child Care Home (FCCH) or a Child Care Center (CCC) in the area in which you live right now (even if you are a Director, use the area in which you reside).

For this assignment you will:

1. Identify the type of facility you will operate – FCCH or CCC

2. Create the following lists:

List One: Create a list of 8 ways/opportunities you would specifically use a retired volunteer (between ages 55 and 65) in your program (ex. Collecting and fixing broken books, collecting attendance numbers from each classroom, etc.) AND give a brief description of each way/opportunity.

List Two: Create a list of 8 local agencies and/or organizations (IN YOUR COMMUNITY/AREA) you would partner with or establish a relationship.

a). Provide the name, address, phone number, and website (if applicable) of each (All must be local in your area – not in another state, but as close to your facility and as close to your zip code as possible)

b). Tell what they provide/do

c). Tell how you would use their services OR why you would establish a relationship with them.

Your document to submit must be:



*12 pt font Arial, Verdana or Times New Roman

*contain little to no errors

***The area you will be referring to is Garner, NC 27529.***

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