W7 Forum Discussion: The Way We Think About Charity

 W7 Forum Discussion: The Way We Think About CharityDue: Wednesday/ Friday 11:59 PM Discussion Requirements: The initial post is due by Wednesday at 11:59 PM, replies must be completed by Friday at 11:59 PM. Posting all replies on the last day will result in possible point deductions.

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W7 Forum Discussion: The Way We Think About Charity

Fundraising concept. A piggy bank, money, a heart

Part 1: By Wednesday Night: Answer the following questions:

Review the TEDtalk by Dan Pallota and answer the following questions.

The way we think about charity is dead wrong

  • Do you agree with the perspective of Dan Pallota? Why or Why not?
  • Explain how Systems Theory can be found throughout this presentation? Give an example.
  • Highlight one main point you related to within the video. Why did you connect with it?

Part 2: By Friday Night: Provide feedback to peers:

  • Post at least two responses to peers’ discussion posts.
  • Your feedback should be a 100-150 word analysis, extension, critique, or proposed solution to your peers’ discussion posts.

 To review how to achieve full credit for written work review the Discussion and Participation Rubric located in the Evaluation Procedures tab within the syllabus.

Important Note: Each week you will provide feedback to each other and contribute to engaging in the online community. Our weekly cycle of dialogue creates a learning community of individuals who collaboratively engage in critical discourse and reflection to construct meaning and confirm mutual understanding (Garrison, 2007). Please take responsibility for your part in creating our learning community.

Due: Wednesday/ Friday 11:59 PM

Assignment 2  Due Thursday 

 TitleW7 Writing Assignment: Movie CritiqueDueNumber of resubmissions allowed0StatusNot StartedGrade ScalePoints (max 100.00)Modified by instructorAug 6, 2020 4:31 PM


W7 Writing Assignment: Movie Critique

people sitting around a park outside

Based off the readings throughout the course answer the forum below:

Choose a movie in which this concept of System Theory applies—where an individual, a team, a family, a group failed or succeeded due to the nature of the systems that were present in their life. This could be a family system, a work system, or other. For example, to dissect family systems you could look at the movie “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” or “Ordinary People”. In your paper include:

  1. A summary of why you chose that movie.
  2. What systems you saw present that affected the outcome.
  3. The role of those systems in creating the positive or negative outcome.
  4. Note any policies or rules that affected the outcome of the story lines success.
  5. Suggestions you could take (using tools, theories, ideas learned from this course) to address the negative aspects of the system, or to maintain the positive aspects of the system.

The paper should be complete, polished, and proofread carefully. Make sure your grammar, punctuation, spelling, and language mechanics are well done. All papers should include a title and reference page, as well as additional theory from your readings or other sources to support your main points throughout. Papers must include citations and be written in APA format.

To review how to achieve full credit for written work review the Student Performance Rubric located within the syllabus.

Requirements: Answer the following questions in 300-500 words each (2 page minimum,  and submit your responses to the instructor using the Dropbox. Your document should be in a Word document format (.doc or .docx). Please review the Written Assignment Rubric for further requirements.

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