What is Captive-Product Pricing?

What is Captive-Product Pricing?

Discipline: Marketing

Type of service: Research Paper

Spacing: Double spacing

Paper format: APA

Number of pages: 2 pages

Number of sources: 2 sources

Paper details:

Step 1: Read the section in the book called Captive-Product Pricing (pg. 279) The book being referred to is “Marketing An Introduction” by Gary Armstrong and Philip kotler so please at least use this as one of the sources

Step 2: Write 1-2 page paper, double spaced with a cover page, by answering the following questions: What is Captive-Product Pricing? What is this pricing tactic called in the case of services? Give at least two examples of products or services that use this pricing tactic.

Step 3: Submit your completed paper to the drop box or bring in a hard copy on Monday.

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