Why is talent management important?

Why is talent management important?


1. Share your thoughts about why talent management is a key business strategy for 21st Century Companies.

2. Why do you think certain companies today do not adopt a talent management and workforce development initiative as a business imperative?

3. What are some of the obstacles human resources professionals face in developing a talent management system?

Discussion 2

What should a talent management system look like?


1. Describe what a talent management system should look like in the companies you have worked with? How would you customize it to fit the needs of your company?

2. Where are the major talent gaps in your company—or a company you have worked for in the past?

Discussion 3

Keepers and Superkeepers


1. Why are competencies a necessary part of a talent management system?

2. Please share your ideas for best practices for developing competencies for managers.

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