WL Independent Study Worksheet

Text Group # ______




Fill out one worksheet for each author/text (as indicated) in the text group. Please put all answers in BLUE.

 Label each document file: WL Text Group #__ Author (or section) First Name Last Name

Gather Information

Author [If known]

Title of Text (s)

Time Period

Region/Where in the World?

Identify: Genre (if possible) or How it is told/organized [Example: Non-fiction, Journal, Diary, Poetry, Biography, Fable, Poetry, etc.]

Brief Overview of the Author’s Life [150 words or less]

Brief Summary [250 words or less]

Interesting Ideas/Features

Themes and Examples [Provide a brief explanation for each]

Character List [If applicable]

Specific Quotes [Many times you can find important or selected quotes highlighted in resources on the text…see what you can find.]

Interact and Respond

Personal Reaction/Interaction/Commentary

Identify: Lessons/Interesting Ideas/Universal Truths [Interpretations]

Relate to Other Texts/Time Periods [if applicable]

Relate to Today [Does this text remind you of situations, circumstances, conditions today? Explain.]

Adaptations/Inspirations/Translations [Highlight at least one/Interesting You Tube on it? Movie? Graphic Novel? Other Art or Science? Wikipedia often has a section at the bottom of an entry for this.]

State: Why people should study this text today/why care?

List: Questions or “I wonder…” [About the author/text/time-period]

Notes Section

-Record information/ from your study and the overview, notes, and links provided.

My Notes

*Don’t forget to go over my notes. These are mindmaps and seem a little weird, but go over them to see what pops out. I have recorded what I thought was important. Latch on to key concepts/ideas to explore.

Discover Other Sources

-Discover other sources and record information [notes from the source].

Resources List

List each source.

Use the Source Citation Formula (below) to ‘cite’ the source. Put it at the bottom of one each source you record.

Source Citation:

Title of the Source

The Title of the page/article

The Title of the Section (if applicable)

The Date of Publication

The Date You Accessed the Source

Provide the Link

Brief Summary of the Source (what a reader will find when they access the source)

[Note paragraph/page #’s where appropriate]

[These can be as ‘messy’ as you need them to be…]

Relevant Images/Idea Map [Attach][Optional]

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