Write 7-page single space using the executive summary below, and reference the attached materials.

Write 7-page single space using the executive summary below, and reference the attached materials. You may have attachments in the addendum (create a salary grid from a reputable job, or a job classification family table. You may use APA or MLA format for citation. TURNITIN IS USED FOR PLAGIARISM.  


Identify the Problem

Internal pay equity is a huge problem at workplace in the United States and in so many countries around the world as well. Internal pay equity does not mean that there is discrepancy between women and men in compensation package, but it can also happen between male colleagues who are not equally compensated, and between women as well. However, it may be commonly happening between women and men. We still hear in the newspaper that women are getting the chance to be a cabinet member for the first time every in some countries such as Kuwait in the middle east. There is a discrepancy in pay between women and men in workplace, and women make up small portion of the executive members for the major United States companies. Stakeholders in this problem are women, men, business entity, and law makers who do not force companies to have internal pay equity or face consequences for violating the law. There should be a law mandating internal pay equity, and leaders should be trained on how to achieve internal pay equity at workplace. 

Research Methodology

Starting with the textbook of this course, there are a lot of sources within the book to build the skeleton of this paper. The research will include an interview with a HR professional from a major recruitment company in Los Angeles where questions about internal pay equity issues and how major companies are tackling it will be presented. Other sources such as human resource journals and market research will be included as well. 

Different Alternatives

While having a law regulating internal pay equity is the best solution for this issue, having the companies’ managers and leaders trained on how to achieve internal pay equity can be alternative. Also, HR professional should have training on how to calculate compensation while taking into consideration internal pay equity as the basis for those compensation. If the company is unable to achieve internal pay equity in terms of financial compensation, they should offer other benefits in which employees can perceive that they are fairly compensated.

Final Recommendation

Based on the research information, having a mandated law is the final recommendation. However, other alternative will be detailed in the paper so companies can look at other options of the option of achieving the law fairly has some blockers. 

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