Writing Project 7—Collaborative Slack Etiquette Policy Memo

Length: LESS THAN 1 page

Format: Internal memo containing a policy


In response to various complaints about employee use of Slack (in addition to “Jana incident”), RXBAR’s Human Resources Director has mandated that a Slack etiquette policy be composed and disseminated via internal memo. You are an Assistant to the Director of Human Resources, and are collaborating with a committee of managers and employees volunteering to help compose the new policy.


Together with your group, compose a Slack etiquette policy contained in an internal memo to be sent to all RXBAR employees. The memo should address/include

· Issues relating to the “Jana incident”

· Other issues from our course readings that you imagine RXBAR employees might be complaining about

· Remember PAT!

a) What’s the overall purpose of the policy and memo?

b) Who is the memo’s audience?

c) What tone will best accomplish your goals?

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