Written Formal Analysis

Written Formal Analysis


Last Saturday you learned about formal analysis. Today you will begin your own analysis of a work that is assigned to you. Look for your name in the PDF here. The image under your name is the painting you will write a formal analysis about. This typed analysis will be due Wednesday, October 14th. Please be sure to include a clear jpg of the work that you are writing about in the body of your document. Also include all the information that is underneath the jpg attached to your name [artist name, title, year, medium, dimensions, location]. This written work will count as your second test grade.

As a reminder, the videos you watched last week and took notes about described the process of breaking down artwork into what you see. The videos provided two examples of how to formally analyze two different artworks. Be sure to remember to include the terms of the Elements and Principles of design in your writing [when applicable] to decipher what the artist has done to construct your visual experience. The 3D elements and principles of design are posted at the bottom of the page here for your convenience. 

Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via text [faster] or email [slower] so I may help you.

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