You will use the same client/business(BUSINESS CAN BE “TIK TOK”) for all of your assignments this semester to build up to your final project.

By the end of the semester you will have a social media strategy outlined for this business that you can put in your portfolio.

SMART Objectives Assignment

You must develop 1 general communication goal ( example: increase brand awareness) AND 2 SMART OBJECTIVES.

One must be a communication objective, one must be a business objective. Use the template from the module.

Write on two separate pages, one for each objective. Save it as 1 PDF only to submit it.

You can write your KPIs at the bottom or on another sheet of paper. Note that each objective must be in one sentence and contain ALL the elements of the SMART formula.

If you want to see an example, look back in the powerpoint lecture for this week. Your KPIs must link directly back to your objectives.


Communication Goal : To position Patagonia as a company focused on reducing environmental footprinting.

  • SMART Objective: To raise awareness of global environmental crisis by 70% among current customers between January 1, 2020- December 31, 2020.

Communication Goal : To strengthen the brand image as a global advocate for sustainability.

  • SMART Objective 1: To increase social media presence on multiple platforms to reach a cumulative of 1,000, 000 followers among millennials in the United States between January and December 2021.
  • SMART Objective 2 : To raise brand awareness by 7% among female and male yoga enthusiasts living in the United States between the ages of 20-45 between January and December 2021.

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